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“Something Born of the Heart”: Culturally Affiliated Illnesses of Older Adults in Oaxaca

Oliva López Sánchez y Douglas C. Nance

This qualitative research identifies and analyzes emotions and interventions linked to affective experiences and cultural aspects of health/illness/care processes in 219 older adults of eight Indigenous groups in Oaxaca, Mexico. Life stories are examined from perspectives of cultural gerontology, anthropology of emotions and critical medical anthropology with a gender perspective. Significance and healing of two illnesses of cultural affiliation: tiricia (sadness of the soul) and envidia (rancor against the successful) are examined. Conditions other than diabetes and hypertension are healed by traditional remedies or spiritual cleansings. Examining tiricia and envidia permit improved knowledge and understanding of the emotional culture and the community.

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División de Estudios Jurídicos y Sociales
Centro Universitario de la Ciénega
Universidad de Guadalajara

Doctorado en Psicología con Orientación en Calidad de Vida y Salud y Maestría en Ciencias Forenses y Criminología con Orientación en Criminología, con Licenciatura en Psicología, por la Universidad de Guadalajara.

Actualmente se encuentra en el Departamento de Comunicación y Psicología, impartiendo clase como Profesor asociado «B» en la Licenciatura en Psicología sede Atotonilco. Desarrolla investigación Investigación en Factores psicosociales, emociones y construcción del bienestar.

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Love as a Collective Action
Latin America, Emotions and Interstitial Practices

Adrian Scribano, National Scientific and Technical Research Council,

Series: Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Emotions

The book proposes love not only as an effect or trait of a society, but also as an analytical tool for better understanding the processes of social structuring. It connects a sociology of bodies/emotions with a specific perspective on collective action and links conflictual structures and the politics of sensibilities in six Latin American countries by using a strategy of inquiry attuned to current patterns of social transformation, that of digital ethnography. This work is of interest to those who want to know which emotions are the prevailing in Latin America, and all researchers and students who are interested in the connection between conflict, society and emotions.


Descargar la Convocatoria del VII Coloquio de Investigación. Las emociones en el marco de las ciencias sociales: Perspectivas interdisciplinarias aquí