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Ron Aminzade and Doug McAdam, Guest Editors
Special Issue on Emotions and Contentious Politics

Emotions and Contentious Politics (Ron Aminzade and Doug McAdam)  link [Abstract]

Moving the Masses: Emotion work in the Chinese Revolution (Elizabeth J. Perry)  link [Abstrct]

Secret Voting and Political Emotions  (J.M. Barbalet) link [Abstract]

The Emotion Culture of Transnational Women’s Organizations, 1888–1945  (Verta Taylor and Leila J. Rupp) link [Abstract]

Shame, Anger, and Love in Collective Action: Emotional consequences of Suicide Protest in South Korea, 1991 (Hyojoung Kim) link [Abstract]

Emotions and the Development of ACT UP (Deborah B. Gould) link [Abstract]

Strategic Framing, Emotions and Superbarrio – Mexico City’s Masked Crusader (Jorge Cadena-Roa)  link [Abstract]

Book Review Section

Edited by Rachel Einwohner